Church Politricks (Part 2)

In my previous posts about the woes of the modern day church, i had a LOT of rantings. A greater percentage not in agreement though. Upon further discussions and heated debates with some honorable members of the church i realized one thing, which i’ll be sharing in a moment. My article came out way before The ICGC’s Greater Works 2018. Evidently they were on no account part of my subjects of discussion. Until recently when there was a public backlash at the ICGC church for outrageous amounts of expected offerings. This brought up my article in many searches, debates, arguments and shares. To this i am proud of my influence but unhappy about the outcomes, which of course is normal because not everyone can face the hard truth with a reforming mental attitude but will open their arms and hearts to coated praises.

If you’re familiar with the first article, you will attest to the fact that i said i have no issues with giving. My major problem is when you turn a blind eye to the purpose of your giving. This is where deception comes in. You’re told to give money to build a church and later you realize the money was to used to build a football park, without your inclusion if to proceed or not. Without your consent. That is deception under false pretense.

See, the church has done well. Very well. I know of churches including ICGC that fund students all through their educational ladders. Churches have enrolled people in vocational and technical vacancies. Churches have employed people and bettered livelihoods. CHurches have funded projects such as schools, hospitals, etc. so evidently the church is doing well. But the problem is, there are some bad nuts in there. And if we can publicly talk about what politicians aren’t doing right, our churches are untouchable? When the same people who ridicule leadership are right in the church? NO.

I believe the church is accountable to it’s inhabitants same as the government is responsible for civilians. AUthority is there so that following can grow. Either ways, there is accountability, responsibility and honesty to be given to both parties and so for a church leader to publicly proclaim that the church is not responsible to be accountable to it’s congregants however they the leadership choose to use their own church money, then there’s a big question mark somewhere.

In my previous post as well, i mentioned how i dont like it when Christians hide behind things of the world to portray mediocrity. If you want to be like the world to capture the world and end up being engulfed in the world, you resort to thinking and doing things like the people in the world. The solution is to return to the Word. Many Christians are not private friends with their bibles, all they know is quoting and lifting scripture to suit their agenda. This is sad. Very sad. If the christian council cannot find a way to keep things under control and almost always Christians are jabbing at each other in public, then we’re only giving unbelievers more reason not to become believers.

The major problems we have pertaining to this topic as outlined in my previous article has to do with the disorder in the hierarchical organization of the church. No one wants to be at the receiving end. No one wants to ridicule lest they be ridiculed. It’s more of a give and take affair. Who is the strongest in power? Who has the best teaching ability? Who is richest?

I wont be giving a conclusion on this. In a country where people who ask questions are judged and shut, whereas these are the direct target audience of the church, then i have no option than to say the church has lost it.

Perry Tintin

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