Network Marketing Gone Wrong?

I’ve been seeing a number of rantings and complains about the consistency and persistence of network marketing personnel especially those of Max International. And these rantings don’t look good. The truth is they aren’t good. Now let’s take note that network marketing is a new business module. It’s been in existence for a while now. The part that’s gradually seeping into this generation has to do with the aspects of downlines and uplines aside the marketing of the products. Take note I’m not a network marketer.

Mind you, network marketers are gaining same way other jobs are earning. The catch point is the time frame to get paid. Lots of jobs need to wait till the end of the month before they get their salaries. With network marketing, that time frame is shorter. However you see it, they are earning.

I just don’t like how people go about categorizing them as “useless” or “hopeless”. With some making memes that indicate “go to school, learn, make money so that your children won’t come and shout shout Max International.” And I saw lots of people, prestigious people also sharing and trolling. I’m ashamed of you if you did that. This is getting out of hand. Some are earning in a week more than other 8 to 5 workers will earn in a month or 3. The fact that you don’t know something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The fact that you’re not interested in something doesn’t mean no one else should. Or that those interested in things you’re not interested in made a bad choice. That’s some serious mental misgivings right there.

There’s a practical issue with how some of our people go about the advertisement for their network marketing business. Some have a way of constantly chasing you. If you make a choice to indicate you’re not interested , they find ways and means to keep reminding you that you’re missing out on “The Way”. Which is so unprofessional on their parts. I understand the rule of choices and we all as humans should have that at the backs of our heads. It’s what makes societies better. We’re all different . Not all of us will be the doctors, nurses, lawyers, drivers, etc. There has to be a balance somewhere. But for you to make a conclusion that because you’re a doctor , anyone else who’s a patient isn’t serious with the way they live their lives. That’s a hot statement. Learn to walk away from potential clients who lose that potential to be clients. You save yourself time, your respect and ego.

Network marketing personnel should note that it’ll take sometime for people to readily accept. What they can do is throw their nets wider and be persistent in their recruitment of downlines. They should also understand the why, instead of why not. If someone isn’t interested, the question should be why. Probably the person cannot market the way you can. Probably their hands are tied with other jobs. Remember network marketing isn’t the only source of residual income. So when they say NO, they may be active forex traders, bloggers or some other residual income jobs. Don’t ask why not, as if they owe an explanation of how they make their money. Moreover even if you know they’re not making, it’s not in your place to enforce what they can’t understand. Not everyone needs plenty money. Some are okay with the little they make provided it’s sufficient.

Another problem has to do with proof. Many are those who come with all the vibes praising the business, it’s potential and it’s earnings but never really can show what they’re doing, how much they’re earning. I believe when people see tangible evidence, they’ll be more convinced. Let it be personal not of what some stranger somewhere has posted online to get his haters jealous. It doesn’t have to be Davido’s tarty billion but at least the progress can be motivation enough for someone who knows you personally.

In conclusion, if network marketing has requirements let everyone know. “Come and see the business plan and you’ll be convinced” isn’t a convincing catch phrase anymore.

Perry Tintin

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