Dear Teachers, Stop Filming us. Signed, Your Students.

Media has gotten so social such that now it takes a split second to have content online for the whole world and even our alien masters to see. I’m up for some rantings and i hope they go as far and wide as can get.

There is a canker growing and we’re all either adamant or afraid to hit the nail on the head. Gone are the days teachers would go all in and all out just to make sure we get perfect or as near perfect as possible. Teachers were school parents. They were role models, they’d advise on career choices and academic choices. Of course, a lot of them still have the vibe and are assisting students and maintaining the status quo, but for the sake of my ranting let me be a little bias on the negatives. Nowadays it is almost impossible to approach your teacher with a personal problem or even academic problem cos chances are you may end up a subject of discussion, a sermon in church or worse, in a social media video which would definitely trend. I’ve seen a lot of trending videos of kids who tried to be perfect in their craft or who were just having fun at the time of recording. Of course some are very funny and i have laughed over and over again. But i began to think deeper. These are kids who were filmed, not because they wanted to be, but probably the teacher conned them into thinking it’s for a worthy cause. Some others were given some cream crackers and kalyppo just so they can portray all the contents of their stupidity bottle on records so the teacher can get some social media fame. For more than 90% of the times, these are just kids who would not have obliged to it, left to them alone.

The internet has a funny way of bringing back history. You’re never really safe. Even whatsapp says we have end to end encryption, yet screenshots betray us all the time. Snapchat claims you can have secret video chats and be as dirty as you can be, yet screen recordering apps are all around us betraying us. There are 2 factor authentication mechanisms on Facebook, yet we are hacked all the time. The truth is , we are never really really safe.

If i recall, there is one in which a kid is dancing to some tunes and as the camera framed on him, he stopped out of shyness, but was beckoned on by the teachers present to go on and have fun. After multiple jeers and fans, he also went on to have fun. His moves were so funny anyone would laugh. Apparently there were some captions that he’s Patapaa ‘s son, to which truth I’m not aware.

Another video had a kid in a school read out his manifesto. His accent sounded northern and his pronunciations weren’t the normal ones we hear down in Accra, Cape and T’adi. He made a couple of mistakes cos he had memorized his script and didn’t want to be tempted to look onto the piece of paper. He was relentless and determined to finish it off head, and if you ask me, he did. Yet he was filmed as students and teachers giggled alongside.

Another has a little child answering stupid questions from the teacher and he answered it in lay man’s terms in vernacular which is quite vulgar if you ask me.

There are countless others out there involving kids knock the hell out of each other’s scalps just to know who can endure. Some of which girls have been asked to twerk and show the world what their mama gave them. When is it going to stop? Why are blacks typically known for hyping mediocrity?

The kids would grow to become big people and great men and will be visited with these terrible videos of them happily exhibiting their nonsense when they were younger. A lot of them will just not feel good about it. It may lead to depression, inferiority complex, anxiety, emotional stress and a sense of worthlessness. If acute, suicide may end it all.

I am not a social media prefect, neither am i the president of the Republic, but i’m sending this plea out to teachers, especially those in basic schools and dilapidated schools. Please put an end to this menace. Gradually, every teacher would think it is right to film their wards for entertainment purposes. This isn’t just right. Put yourself in the shoes of the child. Won’t it be better filming the child while he’s programming? or testing out a new invention? or doing some amazing talent ? Or fixing bugs on robots? Or building cars from scratch?

But it seems it’s virtually almost always about their shortcomings. How badly they talk, how they pronounce their English words funny , how jocular or sarcastic they can be, some funny acts they can do with parts of their bodies, etc, and these are the things you want the world to see of your students? Already your school has issues and students learn under trees and broken structures. Instead of getting the problem to the right authorities, you’re busily portraying your nonsense to the global village? I dont get how some of these teachers think. It beats me how teachers cannot see the failure of their students as a failure on their part too. Making fun of your student is actually the easiest form of exhibiting stupidity as a teacher.

We should also start to caution our kids and younger generation on the effects of social media and what is acceptable and beneficial. Charity begins at home. Parents should help. The church should help. The mosques should help. Everyone should help. If the kids know what’s right and wrong, they wouldn’t fall prey to any teacher that wants to record them for public consumption. Some teachers have used this against the kids to rape them, sodomize them and dupe them of huge sums by promising to protect their identities.

Like i said i am not a social media prefect, neither am i a celebrity, I am just a concerned citizen. I wouldn’t be happy if it happened to my little sister and i dont think you will be happy if it happened to your child. But if we can prevent it before it happens, why not?

Perry Tintin

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