The Church Loves Your Skill Till It’s Time to Pay You!!!

Perry Tintin rants about how the church "uses" it's skilled personnel, cherishing their works until it's time to pay them.

Dear Humans, I’m Tired – The Devil

From the creation of mankind, i know i am guilty for doing some very bad things. I know i deserve all that your God has done to me and my followers. I won’t apportion blame to anyone but myself. I take...

National Mosque, National Cathedral, what next – National Shrine?

Over the past few weeks with the rantings and debates on social media, digital media and our airwaves, i’ve been planning on getting across what’s on my mind like i do. I chanced upon a piece by my...

Category - Religion

Religious controversies, matters of the art

Church Politricks (Part 2)

In my previous posts about the woes of the modern day church, i had a LOT of rantings. A greater percentage not in agreement though. Upon further discussions and heated debates with some honorable members of the church...

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